We supply a comprehensive array of wound care supplies for patients. You will find our available products by clicking on the Products link located at the top of any page. If you do not find what you are looking for, please call 888-244-6421 and inquire. We will be happy to assist you. We can now be located in the WoundExpert supplier module.

For professionals, blank Wound Care forms are available for your convenience, just click on the Forms tab.

  • If faxing, please submit a completed Wound Care form with patient’s demographics. We will verify the patient’s insurance and immediately process the order. Make sure all the information on the form is completed: product selection, wound assessments & physician’s signature. We also accept electronic signatures on electronic forms and electronic medical records.
  • If calling, one of our qualified customer care representatives will take your patient’s information and complete the form for you. Afterward, we will submit it to you for physician’s signature.
  • (Online, by Phone (888) 244-6421 or Fax (800) 975-6321)

Once a faxed order has been processed, we will send you a written order confirmation. Because we are strongly committed to patient care, we will immediately notify you and the patient in the event there are any issues. Our commitment is to work with you until a resolution has been achieved.


For patients, please call 888-244-6421 with your product list, personal and insurance information. One of our qualified client care representatives will complete an order form for you and submit it to your current treating physician for wound assessments and signature, verify your insurance and process your order.


It’s that easy!

FREE – 24 hour delivery available on all shipments (1)
(1)  There are events beyond our control that may cause interference with a patient receiving their package the next day